Materials on this page are available for download. Please acknowledge the Department of Health as a source where applicable.

Former Data Linkage Branch Publications

For a list of publications from the Data Linkage Branch staff, see below:

Linkage Quality

Data Linkage Branch Linkage Quality Paper (PDF, 33.7 KB): This document contains a summary of Department of Health protocols for maximising linkage quality.

The Department of Health also maintains a series of Linkage Quality Statements containing information on the core datasets we link. These are available on the Dataset Information page.

Privacy and Security

Data Linkage Systems Security Review (PDF, 156 KB): In January 2017, the former Data Linkage Branch (DLB) contracted an independent security review of its systems and processes, carried out by Asterisk Information Security. The scope of the review comprised all systems and resources within the remit of DLB.

Confidentiality and Security in the Data Linkage Branch (PDF, 272 KB): This document is an abridged list of the standards used by the Department of Health to manage and secure confidential information.

Images for Presentations

The Department of Health has created some material for use in presentations about the WA Data Linkage Branch and Data Linkage.

There are nine slides available for download via the links below:

  1. The WA Data Linkage System and the Data Linkage Branch (PNG, 52KB)
  2. About Data Linkage (PNG, 291KB)
  3. Which Datasets Are Linked (PNG, 51KB)
  4. Separation Principle (PNG, 55KB)
  5. Data Linkage Process (PNG, 53KB)
  6. Linked Data Extraction Process (PNG, 52KB)
  7. Geocoding (PNG, 90KB)
  8. Family Connections (PNG, 57KB)
  9. Derived Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Status Flag (PNG, 53KB)

These images can be used in presentations relating to the WA Data Linkage Branch and Data Linkage. The images should not be changed, and DLB should be acknowledged as their source.