Data Linkage Services holds a wealth of data and a variety of information and resources for potential Data Applicants and Providers.

The WA Data Linkage System (WADLS) is a system of linkages within and between identifying information from a range of Data Collections which is maintained and operated by the Data Linkage Services teams. To see a snapshot of what datasets are currently linked via the WADLS, visit the WADLS page.

The Custodian Administered Research Extract Server (CARES) is a database containing snapshots of content data from a range of participating Data Collections, used to administer extractions of linked content data. To learn more about CARES, visit the CARES page.

For information on how to facilitate linkage of a new data set, and for information on what is required for linkage a new data set, visit our Information for Data Providers page.

For a full list of the data sets we have linked, visit our available datasets page.