Custodian Administered Research Extract Server

The Custodian Administered Research Extract Server (CARES) was initiated in 2011 as a collaboration between what was then known as the Data Linkage Branch, and Department of Health Data Custodians.

CARES was established to streamline the data extraction process and hasten data delivery for approved projects. The CARES system went live in 2013 and now operates as the standard method for preparing linked data extracts. CARES is managed by the Data Outputs Team, with governance of the data shared between the Data Outputs Team and Data Custodians.

More information on CARES can be found at:

Participating Data Collections

The following data collections are available through CARES:

  • Hospital Morbidity Data Collection
  • WA Cancer Register
  • Emergency Department Data Collection
  • Midwives Notification System
  • Birth Registrations
  • Death Registrations
  • Australian Coordinating Registry Cause of Death Codes
  • Telethon Kids Institute WA Infant, Youth and Child Mortality Database enhanced cause of death codes
  • WA Home and Community Care
  • WA Aged Care Assessment Program
  • WA Electoral Roll
  • WA Register of Developmental Anomalies
  • WA Notifiable Infectious Diseases Database
  • WA Trauma Registry
  • Department of Education – Attendance & Suspensions
  • Schools Curriculum Standards Authority – WA Certificate of Education (public schools only)
  • Child Development Service

Queries about the addition of new data collections to CARES should be directed to Data Outputs via ISPD Data Services via