For the Week 26th of February to the 2nd of March 2018

WA Data Linkage System Summary                                                          

Total Number of Chains:   
Total number of records in the chains 105,891,553
Maximum number of linked records in a chain 14,807
Average chain length (excluding single record chains*)   
Total Number of Records Received this Week: 
Total Number of Records Linked this Week:

*Note: singletons (people who only have one record in their 'chain') are not included in the total number of chains.


For the Previous Quarter (October - December 2017):

WA Data Linkage System Summary                                                      

DatasetA collection of similar items of information, for example a WA Births dataset might contain many thousands of pieces of information, each of which contains the name, place, and date of birth for WA people.:Total Records:
WA Electoral Roll2,372,021
Total Records: 98,313,956*

*Note: This total includes additional datasets, not detailed here. 


Work Scheduled for the Current Quarter:

The main priorities of the Linkage Team for the current quarter are summarised below. 

Core Linkages:

  • Birth Registrations
  • Cancer Registry Notifications
  • Death Registrations
  • Emergency Department Data Collection (EDDC)
  • Hospital Morbidity Data Collection (HMDC) 
  • Marriage Registrations
  • Midwives Notification System (MNS)
  • WA Electoral Roll 

Infrastructure Linkages:

  • Clinical Labs WA Data
  • Department of Transport Licence Data
  • iPharmacy Data
  • Non-Admitted Data Collections 
  • Royal Flying Doctors Service
  • SilverChain Data 
  • St John Ambulance
  • Waitlist
  • Western Australian Cervical Cancer Prevention Program
  • Western Australian Notifiable & Infectious Diseases Database

Other tasks:

  • 13 project applications
  • Continued DLS3 Linkage System testing