Charges apply for Data Linkage Branch (DLB) services and are described in the DLB Access and Charging Policy. Funds derived from these charges assist in supporting staff and equipment used for the on-going development of the WA Data Linkage System.

The charges depend on the nature of the data request. Each individual request for linked data is charged on the basis of its administrative requirements, technical specifications, breadth, complexity and scale. A formal cost estimate for a data request will be provided with the Feasibility Letter after clearance of the Feasibility Assessment; however cost estimates can be requested from DLB Client Services at any time using the Request_for_cost_estimate. Final charges will be confirmed with Data Applicants upon data delivery.

DLB also charges for the maintenance of otherwise unfunded infrastructure (and equivalent) linkages, including within the context of a particular project where an infrastructure update is required.

To submit a cost estimate request or for other queries about charging please contact