Amendments and Data Updates

All amendments to data linkage projects and requests for data updates should first be discussed with the Client Services Team ( and Department of Health Human Research Ethics Committee for advice on how to apply. The data amendment form can be found at the Application Forms page.

Please note that most amendments and/or data update requests will need to be reviewed by Data Custodians, and a cost will apply.

It is recommended that Data Applicants read the Linkage page and speak with the Client Services Team to better understand the dynamic nature of linkage keys within the WA Data Linkage System (WADLS) and how this may affect their request.

Data updates will be re-extracted in full and may include some linkage keys that differ from the corresponding records in previous extracts. Generally, Client Services will not provide mapping files showing the differences in linkage keys over time. It is suggested that applicants rerun their analysis syntax in full, using the new extract.