ISPD Client Services strongly recommends Data Applicants read through the relevant policies and processes before submitting an Application for Data. Access to WA linked data is granted to approved Data Applicants who meet the requirements of:

Strict protocols must be followed to ensure the confidentiality and security of linked data. Wherever possible, analysis should be conducted on data that has had identifying fields such as name, address and date of birth removed.

The following policies must be read and adhered to for requests for Department of Health data:

Conditions of Use

  • Data provided can only be used for the specific project that has been approved. It must not be combined with other datasets or used for other projects without approval from the Data Custodians and the Department of Health HREC
  • Only the approved personnel listed in the Application for Data may have access to the data extract
  • Data extracts or client lists for linkage must never be sent via email
  • Data should always be encrypted when transported
  • When stored on a computer, disc or other media, data files must always be password protected
  • All resulting draft manuscripts, reports and presentations must be sent to ISPD Client Services and Data Custodians before publication, allowing 14 days for comment
  • All publications must acknowledge the Data Collections and The Department of Health (FAQ. no. 10), and all final copies must be sent to ISPD Client Services as they become publicly available