Client Services & Data Delivery Summary                

February 2019
Draft Applications in progress 16
Draft Applications completed 3
Formal Applications in Progress 55
CARES Data extractions 2
Data delivered 6

The Client Services and Data Delivery Teams are responsible for coordinating the Application for Data process and data preparation via the Custodian Administered Research Extract Server (CARES).

The Client Services Team is responsible for managing the data delivery pipeline, from assisting with project design, through to data delivery. The application process is described in more detail at the Application Process page. The Client Services Team also manages a wide variety of data agreements and run the Data Applicant Training Course.

The Data Delivery Team is responsible for the data infrastructure of CARES, and using this data, perform cohort selections and extraction of linked content data on behalf of a number of Data Collections. The Team also performs merging, data quality checking on content data to be delivered to Data Applicants and preparation of metadata and documentation to assist Data Applicants with their analysis.


Contact the team:

Client Services Team

Alexandra Merchant
Team Leader, Client Services