The WA Department of Health provides researchers with linked data for research. The staff who undertake these activities are comprised of cross-functional teams made up of Linkage, Systems, Data Outputs and Research Data Services functions.

These teams work in physically separate areas to ensure that privacy protecting role separation is maintained in all practices, although the teams are in constant communication to ensure a harmonious system.

These staff come from a wide range of background disciplines, including health science, mathematics, computer science, information management, medicine and education.

Linkage Team

The Linkage Team comprises multiple Linkage Officers who undertake a variety of duties, primarily the routine linkage of core datasets and the preparation of study groups and linkage key extractions for projects. The Linkage Team also perform other value-adding activities, including geocoding, creation of genealogical links via the Family Connections System and the development of new linkage and quality improvement strategies.

For a complete list of the datasets linked and available in the WA Data Linkage System (WADLS), visit our Data section.

Systems Team

The Systems Team are technical experts who work exclusively on the Branch’s technical infrastructure. Their role is to ensure the WADLS and  other servers and systems are well maintained, secure and best equipped to manage the diverse and ever-increasing volume of data handled by the various teams. The Team consists of two programmers and a Systems Administrator, who write software, maintain server architecture and assist staff, to keep technical operations running smoothly.

Data Outputs Team

The Data Outputs Team is responsible for the data infrastructure of the Custodian Administered Research Extract Server (CARES), and using this data, perform cohort selections and extraction of linked content data on behalf of a number of Data Collections. The Team also performs merging, data quality checking on content data to be delivered to Data Applicants and preparation of metadata and documentation to assist Data Applicants with their analysis.

Research Data Services Team

The Research Data Services Team is responsible for managing the data delivery pipeline, from assisting with project design, through to data delivery. The application process is described in more detail at the Application Process page. The Research Data Services Team also runs the Data Applicant Training Course.

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