1. What is data linkage?
  2. What is a Linkage Key?
  3. What datasets are linked?
  4. What is "core" data?
  5. What is the separation principle?
  6. Why is data linkage useful?
  7. How is the Data Linkage Branch funded?
  8. What is linked data used for?
  9. Who can use linked data?
  10. How do I acknowledge the Data Linkage Branch and DOHWA in publications?
  11. How do I add/remove personnel to my project?
  12. There is something wrong with my data, who do I contact?
  13. Who do I contact to discuss data variables?
  14. Why can’t I access certain variables?
  15. What am I allowed to release in publications?
  16. Which datasets can I obtain SEIFA/ARIA codes for?
  17. I have discovered a breach in protocol, what do I do?
  18. How do I know the progress of my project?
  19. How will my data be delivered?
  20. How does the Data Linkage Branch ensure the validity of it's links?
  21. How do I request feedback on my draft outputs?