The Data Linkage BranchThe specialist team at the Department of Health who are responsible for developing and maintaining the WA Data Linkage System, performing data linkage, and the facilitation of access to linked data. now offers a tailored workshop for researchers and other applicants interested in applying for linked dataCan refer to: (1) the demographic data used in the Data Linkage process; or (2) information pertaining to services provided to people or their clinical information (available only from Data Custodians, including via CARES).. Both new and experienced researchers can benefit from the workshop, which covers these core essentials:

  • the data linkageA complex technique for connecting data records within and between datasets using demographic data (e.g. name, date of birth, address, sex, medical record number). Also called ‘Record Linkage’ or ‘Linkage’. process
  • the preparation of data
  • the datasets available to researchers
  • ethical considerations
  • the application process

Full wokshop details are available in the event flyer (PDF).

The workshops this year will all be held at the Department of Health, 189 Royal Street, East Perth, 6004

There are multiple dates for the course this year:

  • Friday 15 March
  • Friday 10 May
  • Friday 9 August
  • Monday 7 October

The workshop can be booked through Eventbrite